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Risk Management

Unlike the relatively easy decision to purchase property and life insurance, the decision to buy cyber insurance is riddled with potential consequences regardless of your final decision.  


During the cyber insurance application process, you have to complete a relatively thorough questionnaire about your technology environment.  The application covers not only the administrative aspects of your technology but also the cultural and process environment of your organization as it relates to a multitude of controls. 


The impact of how you answer these questions is vast.  It not only determines the cost of your premiums, but it will also impact whether a claim is paid or not after a breach.  The questionnaire will also identify where your risks are and what you need to tighten up.  Ignore these risks after you've been made aware, and you're negligent, which has a much more significant legal impact well beyond cyber insurance.


Don't broach cyber insurance alone.  Let our cybersecurity, privacy, and legal experts guide you through this entire decision-making process, so you get the protection you need and expect.

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