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Compliance Preparedness

Think of Pro4:Six as your compliance tutor.  We do not issue the test or grade the test. That is what the teacher or professor does.  Just like a tutor helps you learn the study materials and prepares you for the test, Pro4:Six assists you in preparing for the assessments.  We help you interpret the requirements and identify where you may be deficient.  We then work with you and guide you through the compliance remediation steps identified so you can pass the test when the teacher comes in.

In the compliance world, there are many different types of assessments and attestations, and they all have one thing in common.  They are unclear and open to the interpretations of the assessor.  That is why we work closely with your assessor to ensure we are guiding you down the right path.  If you do not have an assessor selected yet, we can assist by introducing you to several of our partner assessors.

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