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Fractional CISO

The role of a Chief Information Security Officer or CISO is a complex and specialized one.  One that many have tried to fulfill with a technology expert only to realize that being a technologist is only part of the job.  A CISO must have a technical aptitude for sure.  Still, they must also have insight into computer forensics, privacy laws, regulatory compliance, legal data holds, disaster recovery, business continuity, and track the most recent attack strategies and approaches.  At the same time, they need to be able to hold audience-appropriate conversations with technical engineers, auditors, business leaders, and executive management. Undoubtedly, this is a role that requires specialization and dedication, but many organizations and environments are not large enough or complex enough to justify a full-time position. 

An organization like this is where a Fractional CISO can be of assistance.  You get all the expertise required of an experienced CISO but without the full-time cost of maintaining them on staff and funding the constant education that is needed.

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