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Risk Management

The first step in managing risks is to identify the risks; this is why we begin every engagement with a risk assessment customized to your organization and environment. 

The outcome of the assessment is a thorough assessment report with specific recommendations for you to improve your security posture.   We do not abandon you that this point, however.  We continue to work with you to address the action items, which may include documentation changes, vendor and product selection, or internal process re-engineering.  Whatever the recommendations, we work with you to ensure your remediation efforts are adequately addressing the underlying risks.

The risk management process will also begin the cybersecurity education process for you.  Working collaboratively throughout the entire assessment and the development of the remediation plan, we ensure you understand the 'why' of the remediation steps and not just the 'what'.


Perhaps you have already undergone an assessment from another vendor, received their report, but you are not sure how to address the findings. Unfortunately, this is a rather common occurrence, but do not be concerned.  We will work with you and your team to interpret their report and help you develop a prioritized action plan.

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