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Advisory & Coaching

The Pro4:Six Advisory and Coaching program is designed specifically for the small and medium business (SMB).  Many SMB organizations think they are not at risk of cyber attacks simply because they are small.  This characterization does not apply to you; otherwise, you would not be reading this page, so congratulations on realizing you have cyber risks, and you need help in addressing them.

Even though we have run global cybersecurity programs, that does not mean we think all security organizations need to be equal.  Our creative, agile, and out of the box customized thinking can build an effective security program explicitly designed to address your scaled-down needs. 


Our creativity does not stop there.  We realize that finances can be tight for an SMB, so we work with you to create a financial plan that works for you while still getting the cybersecurity services you need now.

Contact us at (214) 499-9846 or to further discuss your situation and learn how we may be able to help you through it.

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