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Cybersecurity is our specialty.  Is it yours?

Chances are you are not a cybersecurity expert, but you know enough to realize cybersecurity cannot be ignored.  You feel vulnerable and exposed.  You want to protect your company, employees, and customers, but cybersecurity is so complicated and overwhelming; you do not know how to move forward.   We understand, without experience, you feel powerless.  We all feel the same way about some area of expertise.  That is why we hire lawyers for legal matters, accountants for financial management, marketers for marketing, etc.  Now its time to hire a cybersecurity expert to manage your cyber threats.

At Pro4:Six, we believe wisdom, knowledge, and simplicity are powerful protectors against cyberthreats, and you can only gain this power through experience.  Without the experience and wisdom to protect yourself, you are exposed and vulnerable.  We take our decades of experience and knowledge obtained by running multiple security, IT, and IT audit functions and combine them into an immensely powerful cybersecurity leadership practice that never forgets you are in business to do something other than cybersecurity.  

Regardless of your company size, we have a virtual CISO or vCISO service offering that will fit your needs.  For small organizations, we offer our advisory and coaching services, fractional CISO services for medium organizations, and interim CISO service for larger enterprises that find themselves without a CISO.

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