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"Do not abandon wisdom, and it will watch over you.  Love wisdom, and it will protect you."


We Don't Sell Products


Resellers have quotas.  Quotas mean commission checks.  Quotas mean manufacturer discounts for the reseller which they may or may not pass along to you. 


Resellers also have partnerships with manufacturers.  Partnerships mean the reseller is going to sell you a product from the manufacturer they have a relationship with.  It does not mean that's the best product for your organization or situation.


Partnerships and quotas leave you with a challenge.  You now have to determine if the product they're suggesting is the right product for you.  You have to determine whether you even need another product or is there something you've already purchased that will do the function for you.


All of this is why we don't sell products.  We work for you!!!  Based on our experiences, your specific needs, your budget and your situation we will help you select the right solution.  Once the product is selected, we have "partnerships" with trusted resellers we've dealt with for years.  We know who has the integrity you deserve.  We know who is going to work best with you and we know who's going to work to get you the best pricing.  By having us in your corner, you take all the guesswork out of buying a product, and jump weeks, if not months, ahead in completing your project because we've done most of the due diligence ahead of time for you.


We Don't Employ Engineers


For the same reason, we don't sell products, we also don't employ engineers.  No engineer knows every product.  They are trained and certified on certain products.  Products you may or may not have.  Products you may have only because you don't know there is a better product available because the engineer isn't trained on it.  


Engineers are also very expensive to have on staff if you don't happen to have a current job requiring their skillset.  We want to keep our expenses low for you so we "partner" with 3rd party companies for the specific engineering expertise you need.  Just as we've done our dues diligence on product resellers, we've done the same thing for professional services providers.  Use our wisdom, to jump-start your initiative by getting you the right engineer for your job.


We Only Have "Partners"


Why do we keep putting partners in quotes?  Because our "partners" are only relationship partners.  Relationship partners where we refer work back and forth to each other.  Pro4:Six does not receive any compensation from any of them.  We've been offered commission-based relationships but we've always turned them down flat and we always will.  Why?  Because the day we take a commission check, we're no longer working for you, we're working for them. 


Our independence and our integrity are far too important to us and to you.  For both of us to be successful we must both know without a doubt that when we sit down to discuss your situation, you are getting an independent and honest assessment.


We Don't Play Corporate Politics


Your cybersecurity and risk position and our reputation are too important for us to play politics with you.  You may not always like our findings and you may not always take our advice, but you will definitely always hear the truth.  Our motto is "We tell you what you need to hear; not what you want to hear" and this philosophy doesn't change because of what position you hold in the company.


Why Choose


Whether it's our subscription-based pricing model, our varied experiences, our extensive network of "partners", or our unique approach to common service offerings, we are different.


With our years of experience making decisions regarding cyber security and audits in a wide variety of positions and companies, we bring innovative solutions to your company at reasonable prices.


If the items below don't convince you we're different, then please allow us to come to visit with you to have a deeper conversation with you.