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"Do not abandon wisdom, and it will watch over you.  Love wisdom, and it will protect you."



When it comes to industry experience, there are two schools of thought.  The first is that every industry is unique so if you aren't from that particular industry, you can't possibly understand the business.  The second is variety and diversity are powerful tools.  We tend to subscribe to the latter.  We feel that having worked in a variety of different industries allows us to bring you solutions and viewpoints you may not otherwise have thought of.  Allow us to bring the views of these industries to your organization.


  • Sports and Entertainment

  • Retail

  • Broadcast and Print Media

  • Financial Services

  • Logistics and Shipping

  • Financial Services

  • Manufacturing

  • Travel and Hospitality

  • Property Management and Maintenance

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Non-Profit




Just like industries, our staff has held a multitude of positions in a variety of organizational sizes ranging from 4 employees up to 70,000+.  The one universal truth we've learned from working with such a wide range of company sizes is that there is no "one answer fits all" solution.  Every organization size and culture mandates a security program unique to their needs, but at the same time, certain security basics must be met.  It can be a balancing act.


In addition to organization size, we've held a variety of positions such as  Chief Information Security Officer (CISO);  Chief Information Officer (CIO), auditor and audit manager for both internal departments and external audit firms.  We've held positions responsible for  Sarbanes Oxley; PCI; and privacy compliance as well as managing outsourcers and forensic investigations.


In short, we are your "Jack of All Trades" technology leadership partner.  Over the years we've developed the skills and capabilities to quickly assess your unique situation and get you to the solutions phase quickly.  


Call us to discuss your unique situation.  We promise whatever your situation is, we can help you be even better.




We bring a unique view to the technology leadership position. We've sat in the IT audit chair, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) chair, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) chair, and several business operations chairs.  We put all of these experiences together to develop a holistic business solution to technical problems.